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Desert Ridge Traffic Concerns
Posted 8/14/19

Dear Parents,

It has been busy on the streets surrounding Desert Ridge! We appreciate your patience while we navigate newly painted street lines, drop off and pick up, and buses transporting our students.

Please make sure you do not block or park in the driveways of any of the residential homes surrounding our school. Our neighbors understand that it is convenient to park on their street, but please make sure they can safely enter and exit their homes.

When using the pick-up/drop-off lane in the back of the school, please make sure you pull forward as directed by our staff on duty. Make sure your child exits and enters your vehicle curbside.

On Barstow, you need to stay in the traffic lane to make the turn (east) onto Greenarbor. Please do not cross onto the painted median or the bike lane, and please do not park, idle or stop in the bike lane. Detailed information from APD is available on the bottom of the front page of our website under “Traffic Enforcement.” There is also a map on our website under the “Our School” tab.

We encourage you to review our parent/student handbook, which has been distributed to each student and can be found online.

With Diamondback Pride,

Leslie Saucedo