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Identification (ID) Badge Policy
Posted 9/19/19

Identification (ID) Badge Policy

Desert Ridge Middle School uses a school-wide Identification (ID) badge system for our students and staff. We want to provide a safe and orderly environment and the ID badges will assist with the security of everyone on campus. IDs and badge covers will be issued through the students’ Social Studies classes.

Students are to adhere to the following guidelines:

·       Students must wear their photo ID badge at all times when on campus.

·       The IDs may not be changed or altered in any way.

·       Damaged or defaced ID cards will be confiscated and must be replaced at the student’s expense.

·       The first ID and plastic cover are free. Since IDs are required, the cost for a replacement ID is $5.00. (Mr. Lackey will need to be contacted for a new ID.)  The student store has lanyards and plastic covers available for purchase.

·       Bus drivers may also request to see student ID to verify student identity.

·       Any student with unauthorized possession of an ID card not belonging to him or her will be subject to disciplinary action.

·       Anyone without an ID badge may be stopped and questioned as to their purpose on campus.

·       Students withdrawing from school must return the ID badge in order to complete the checkout process.

·        ID cards will be scanned if purchasing school lunch through a lunch account.

·        ID cards can also be used in the Library for book checkout.

(Updated 9/19/19)